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Hawaii 808 S.C.


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ABOUT Hawaii 808 Soccer Club

Hawaii 808 Soccer Club provides a competitive club soccer experience for boys and girls. We are committed to fostering a challenging and fun-loving environment, where team unity, player development, and in depth knowledge of the game is all part of the equation.

  • Policy

    • Club Values
      • [ Team Play ]
      • [ Positive attitude ]
      • [ Quick strategic decision making ]
      • [ Respect and support for others and oneself ]
      • [ Willingness to take risks and challenge oneself ]
    • Practice menus are organized by former professional soccer players.
    • Develop players personal skills.
    • We place importance on both commitment to and enjoyment of the beautiful game.
    • We will dedicate all of our effort for our players.
  • Company Information

    808 Sports Academy

    P.O. Box 112 Honolulu, HI 96810
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  • Club Profile

    hawaii 808 Soccer Club
    Club name
    Hawaii 808 Soccer Club
    Home ground
    (Waialae Iki Park or Kapiolani Park)
    August 1, 2008